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Rodeo Mushroom

Rodeo is a brand owned by PT. SURYAJAYA ABADIPERKASA, which houses healthy food products such as processed mushrooms and analog meat made from vegetable protein.
Our production process has adopted the BRCGS or British Retail Consortium Global System standards. As for the domestic market, we apply the PMR standard or the Risk Management Program set by BPOM and all our products are halal certified.


Products Classification

Mushroom in Brine

Button mushrooms and straw mushroom in brine are packaged in sterile plastic and cans.

Meat Analog

Meat substitute made from vegetable protein so it is safe and healthy.

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Mushroom Chips

Button mushroom chips, which come in a variety of flavors and sizes.

At a Glance Rodeo Mushrooms

Fresh Mushrooms Picked from Our Own Garden

Fresh mushroom raw materials obtained from planting PT. Surya Agropratama which is a subsidiary of PT. SJAP. In addition, PT. SJAP is also developing a partnership system with farmers in Bromo.

Fresh mushrooms are obtained through sophisticated planting methods and from locations where the quality is guaranteed to be clean. The selected mushrooms are processed in a sterile manner and packed in cans or sterile plastic.

Ward off Viruses with Button Mushroom

Cells in the body, known as natural killer cells, respond quickly to “foreign invaders” such as viruses and cancer cells. Their rapid response is essential for the immune system, as it helps the body fight disease.

In the “Journal of Nutrition” in 2007 reported that eating button mushrooms can boost the immune system by increasing the activity of natural killer cells. Scientists believe that this is due to the polysaccharide content of the mushroom which is responsible for its immune-boosting abilities.

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